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18 Jan 2015

I've been doing a lot lately with Grunt and LibSass within my drupal.org contrib theme, Gratis. Yesterday, I updated my Node modules locally. Shortly thereafter, I started getting a nasty Drush error.

27 May 2014

In my free time recently, I've been designing and developing a little Drupal 8 site that I'd like to bring online. From the start, I knew I'd need a decent web host with all the fixins' Drush, Git and most of all, PHP 5.4 as that's the minimum required for Drupal 8.

6 Apr 2014

In this blog post, we learn how to add core and theme scripts in to Drupal 8 using a theme libraries YML or YAML file.

26 Mar 2014

I'm currently working on a Drupal build where I'd like users to be able to easily add icons to menu items through the UI. Enter FontAwesome, the scalable vector icon font that leverages the power of CSS. That in combo with the infamous Menu Attributes module allows users to add custom classes to Drupal menu items via the Menu edit interface on a per menu item basis. This is ideal for what we need to accomplish.

1 Dec 2013

I've been pretty busy the past several months in my free time porting my drupal contrib theme, Gratis, to Drupal 8. The port is going well and I've got most things working as they did in the Drupal 7 version but the process has involved a radical reworking of theme's architecture

20 Nov 2013

I get great ideas from users of both my Drupal contrib themes, Bamboo and Gratis. Typically a user will write to me and ask, "how do I do x" with your theme?

12 Nov 2013

A typical use case for Entity Reference and one that I'll use as an example is if you have news stories on your site and you want your editors to be able to pick a specific related blog post and show it on a news story node.

2 Sep 2013

It's hard to believe I've been using both Features and Drush for a few years but didn't know you can create, update and manage your features all with Drush.

9 Jul 2013

I've been pretty busy these days with a few different projects and a number of them required a user friendly way (editors not needing to know how to code) of implementing captions for images within content areas.

5 Jul 2013

An overview of an eclectic mix of modules I've found really useful lately for some projects I've been working on with a few examples and use cases.


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